The curse of being a teacher and a parent

“Um, can I talk to you for a sec?” the preschool looks at me anxiously, as she covers my daughters ears with her cupped hands.

“Sure, what’s going on?” I ask, gripping my triple grande latte with more force.

“Well, G is having some brand new behaviors and I just don’t like what I see…”

God.  Is it because she’s not getting enough attention because her brother is hogging it all as we fight to potty train him?  Is she bored?  Is she ADHD?  Needs more protein?  Is she immature, not ready for Kindergarten in the Fall?  What am I doing wrong? 

The curse of being a teacher and a parent is really biting me as my kids turn into preschoolers who happen to attend at my school.  Yes, it will be awesome when we are all three together under one roof very soon.  G is starting K at my school where I teach, while her little brother is starting preschool, as soon as he can get out of diapers!  Yes it’s great to have one pick up spot and one drop off.  It’s nice to see her at lunch when I can.  It’s heartwarming to see how my 3rd graders are so warm and loving to my kids, probably because I share so many personal stories about them in Writing Workshop.

It’s not so fun on mornings like today.  Also I am not loving being a mom when my daughter experiences her first fire drill across the playground from me.  When she shrieks at the winter concert assembly, because I won’t take her home “RIGHT NOW, MAMA, It’s too LOUD in here!”  I hope it will get easier, but I’m fighting back tears as I think of the uphill climb I will have to endure with all the parent teacher conferences in my future.  UGH.


7 thoughts on “The curse of being a teacher and a parent

  1. Oh I feel your pain! I have had two children in the school where I teach for the last few years. There are definitely drawbacks…such as when you have to talk with the teacher about your child. It also means the kids are in the car with you every day. No time to decompress between work and home. No time to crank up the tunes and push aside the irritations of the day before you walk into the other half of your life. However, there are many great things too! Having them down the hall, getting a hug in the middle of the day, seeing the new art project hanging in the hallway, eating lunch together, etc. It’s a trade off and sometimes I wish I could drive in the car all by myself, but I sure would miss knowing I’m just down the hall if my kiddos needed me. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, there are trials and tribulations of being in the same school as your kids. You will survive and you will have to develop a blind eye sometimes. Welcome to slicing. 😃

  3. You posted correctly! Being a mom and a teacher in the same building can be challenging. Spontaneous hugs in the hall are fun and having the same schedule is wonderful.

  4. I loved hearing incidental stories because I saw the boys’ teachers in the hall and they could tell me what funny thing my kid did or said. And if communication in your district is anything like it is in mine you’ll be glad they are with you because you Will know what is going on. Time to turn from teacher to mom would is nice but when youngest started middle school it was so hard knowing they were all the way across town and not with me.
    It’s all good now. 😉

  5. I don’t have any kids, and therefore do not understand what you must be going through, however, my step-niece attends the school where I’m doing my practice hours at and she runs to me all the time to say hello and give me a hug and I feel bad when she gets yelled at by her homeroom teacher. I should get prepared I suppose!!

  6. It is a difficult situation at times – 2 very different roles. I think in some ways it is just as hard for the teacher of your children – they may be intimidated that you are a teacher!

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