the morning dance

I’m always the last one to get up out of bed.

First my 2 yr old flicks on our light.  He’s in the bed next to ours, terrible habit- but I kind of love everyone sleeping upstairs, all cozy and pioneer-like. 

My husband is an over acheiver in the mornings.  He makes a great silent fit if I’m not up to snuff with my morning chores.  The dirty dishes in the sink clang loudly as a reminder that I should’ve done them the night before instead of watching that final episode of The Walking Dead or Downton Abbey. 

Get them dressed, fed, make lunches, feed the dogs, brush teeth, get myself dressed, rainboots, jackets, backpacks ready?  It’s more of a frenzy than a morning dance.


6 thoughts on “the morning dance

  1. My 3 year old spends at least part of every night/morning snuggled in bed with us. I don’t care if it is a “bad habit” because I love it! My husband is like yours: making all sorts of noise in the morning. I think he does it because he believes that if he’s not asleep nobody else should be either!

  2. I can see the frenzy…and you’re right that the kiddos, despite cuteness, complicate mornings. My dad used to say, “Cuteness isn’t enough.” Maybe what he meant is that we should all be making our own pb&j.

  3. Right there with you! My sons are just across the hall and my three year old wakes each morning with the birds, bolting up to call out, “It’s wake up time!” at the top of his lungs before anyone in the neighborhood is ready to be awake. But then he sneaks into our room, carrying all of his stuffed animals carefully tied up in his blanket, crawls into bed next to me and whispers, “Mommy, wake up time!” as if to remind me that this is a new day.

  4. My mornings are also quite the frenzy! I tell myself all the time that I will go to bed earlier and wake refreshed! energized! ready to greet the day!
    I am just not a morning greeter.
    Love the cozy, pioneer image! Greatness. 🙂

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