Grossed out

There are two places where I need quiet. One is my bed at night- this means no food or loud electronics allowed under the covers. My husband was just now busted eating crunchy green grapes while doing photo work on his IPad– in bed ! I had to shame him in order to make him stop. I ruined his grape enjoyment but I liken eating loudly in bed, chewing noisily until food is liquidated, to the sound of a dental drill or nails on he chalkboard. I didn’t marry George Costanza.

At school I’m turning into the old battle axe who shuts herself in her classroom and turns out the lights at lunch. Don’t bother me while you’re horking down your quinoa and kale and slurping you homemade miso. I’m not trying to be rude – I just need the quiet-me time during meals. I will collaborate all you want, as long as Cornnuts and raw carrots  aren’t in the picture and it’s not lunch time.

Bless your heart!


3 thoughts on “Grossed out

  1. We have snack time every morning, and some of the kids… well, let’s just say it is about ten minutes where I bite my tongue. Every slurp, chomp, guzzle, smack, and gurgle seems to be magnified. I need headphones to drown it out!

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