I took dogs and kids on an evening walk tonight before dinner. Selfishly wanted to get it over with so I could stop and head back once my FitBit buzzed for 10,000 steps!

3 year old son fell apart once we were out the door because I wouldn’t let him bring a flashlight. “The moon is almost full,” I instructed. Then I realized he might not know what that means. “Mama, I want to go to the moon!” – you can one day, I say, semi- confidently.  Because who knows what crazy technology puzzle will get him there!

5 year old daughter complains that she’s cold, “freezing” on our walk.  Well that’s because she’s wearing a lightweight cardigan sweater with sunflowers on it.  She’s into dressing herself, the more floral patterns, the better.  Tights, twirling skirts, stripes, sparkles — all at once. fancy Nancy might give her an approving nod.

Flashlights and sunflower cardigans… Time to breathe it in.  So I don’t forget.


2 thoughts on “Flashlights

  1. What a sweet post! Isn’t one of the most beautiful gifts of writing the treasures that each post is when we look back years later? Just the other night, I began reading my journal from 1990 – what a hoot! And oh, how much of my very own story had I not remembered as vividly as what my writing gave me back as a gift more than 25 years later. Just lovely.

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