preschool choices are killing me

I have to make a choice. This is not easy. Do I go for the amazing preschool experience for my kid and pay outrageous tuition, even through summer, to give him a fantastic opportunity to learn within an intergenerational program( aka an old folks’  home) Or do I leave him in his current daycare? He is getting in trouble for stupid stuff there. And I sm starting to dread the check in when I pick him up. Maybe at this new school he will learn compassion, patience, and humble himself out– as much as any 3 year old boy can?  Perhaps it truly is “you get what you pay for” and for once I should splurge on this kid. It’s only one more year. And can I really take one more year of reports that he’s throwing wood chips on the playground ? He’s three and he’s bored with the letter of the week and the coloring pages and the pre- cut for him paper plate art projects that all look the same.  Ok, I’ve made up my mind.


5 thoughts on “preschool choices are killing me

  1. Oh, I am so glad! I was holding my breath the whole time I read your piece, hoping and hoping that we would agree by the end.

  2. I’m glad your self-writing was persuasive enough to convince you of a decision. The intergenerational sounds interesting! My parents are in a retirement center I know my MOM would LOVE that!! I wish my preschool daughter could spend time that with her grandma….

  3. One good thing about a good rant is that they can help in important decision making by quickly rooting out the pros and cons of a situation. I hope he enjoys his new preschool. 🙂

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