My mother’s name

“Your father’s nickname for you is usually THE BEST”

Inspired by the post I just read about “Half-Pint” and “Muscles”  — I want to share that my mom has a nickname given to her by her Grandfather in the 50’s.  Her  nickname is “Cookie”. The story behind it is that her Papa called her that when she was a little blond curly haired toddler, because he thought it was a cute name for her.  Her real name is Phyllis.  She is so not a Phyl or Phyllis.

As a child I was bewildered by her name and sometimes a little embarrassed by it.  I used to think of Cookie Monster.  I always have felt it is babyish, and it doesn’t fit her personality at all.  I mean, yeah, she’s sweet, but she’s not dumb or unprofessional or a floozy who sits atop a piano in a bar.

When I was a teenager, my boyfriend would jeer “Hey COOKIE!” to her  — kind of tongue in cheek, dripping with sarcasm.  I knew he was making fun of her a little bit.  Like she is sort of naughty despite her very conservative exterior.   My mom is very very straight laced— and we, at the time were crazy rebellious, sneaking out at night to meet in the almond orchard behind my house to make-out on a weeknight!  “Cookie is going to crumble when she finds out where you are!”

Anyway, her nickname stuck, big-time.  She is “Cook” to my dad and “Cookie” to all of her friends.

Now she is Gaga to my own kids (Grandma)– I don’t know which is worse.

I tried with my own children to not name them after nouns or food.


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