Watching my kids sleep

Sometimes watching my kids sleep is so intense – I think I see them growing as they dream.

Fully relaxed
Floppy jelly arms
Soft flawless skin
Deeply relaxed breathing
No worries
I whisper in their ears sometimes
” you are so sweet and kind and beautiful”
Sometimes I cry because it’s happening too fast
Legs are longer
Pudgy cheeks are strong defined jaws and model-esque cheekbones
Strong lean arms
Wild curly hair

And when they wake up about six am, even on weekends-

Curious, cheerful, excitable voices
And twinkling mischievous eyes, jumping climbing grabbing crawling flipping over the grungy “kid friendly” furniture- that is covered in light layers of old mayo and Popsicle juice drips.

Love the moments, breathe in their life, exhale the fear of letting them go… For now.


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