Faster ! Faster!

blurs of orange, pink, red, purple

curly hair going wild

daring each other to let go

lie back

close your eyes

stand up

round and round


of exhilaration


you are 3 and 5

the perfect age to soak up the first day of spring

On  the merry- go- round


9 thoughts on “Merry-go-round

  1. I can feel the energy and excitement of innocent childhood. A moment to treasure always. As I’m writing this I’m listening to,”Tis a gift to be simple tis a gift to be free.” Reminds me of what your children must feel at the park.

  2. I loved merry go rounds when I was a bit younger. I love the way that you emphasized certain words and made the poem feel like it does when going round and round. Nice!

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