I believe –inspired by j morales

I believe in saying hello to strangers I pass on the sidewalk

I believe in reading books  everyday

I believe in keeping promises

I believe in sleeping in when I can.

I believe in making people laugh.

I believe in coffee for breakfast.

I believe that parenting is the best job in the WHOLE world.

I believe that green is the best color

I believe that breaking my leg was the worst pain I’ve ever overcome

I believe in spontaneous day trips around Seattle

I believe in my marriage and my children

I believe in finding amazing treasures at garage sales

I believe Papa is kicking cancer’s ass

I believe in teaching independence to our children.

I believe in stretching myself as a teacher, never stopping the learning !

I believe I did the best I could with this challenge.

I believe next year I won’t miss a day of slicing !


One thought on “I believe –inspired by j morales

  1. Such a positive list! I believe that green is the best color, too. 🙂 Here’s to your Papa’s health and your continued learning and slicing!

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