curly chestnut hair

deep belly laughing

twinkling happy eyes

dancing with your sweetheart

ablaze with anticipation

Star Trek theme on your trumpet

sinewy arms

great horned owl on your back

Gorgonzola blueberry walnut ice cream

Homemade dim sum for the New Year

Kayaks on the Rogue

in the back of your truck,

rolling through the Alaska wild


Son Volt

Julia Child

Mingus and Sam

Goodbye but not forever

I will miss you Stephen

I can’t believe we are losing you so soon


4 thoughts on “stephen

  1. I listen with headphones
    as Uncle Tupelo splinters apart
    to become Wilco
    and Son Volt, noise and words
    on the prairies of the world,
    closing eyes to think about how
    the last chapter of one thing
    sometimes opens up the possibilities
    of another.

    — Kevin, in sadness that you are losing a friend and hoping there is a way to find memories in time that will linger longer than the loss …

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