bad breath

I saw his red rimmed eyes and tears brimming over with humiliation.  Oh no.

“What’s wrong?”

Kids grabbing backpacks, diving lunchboxes and coats into them before the bell rings.

“I’ll tell you what happened!” Yells a student, all too eagerly.

” Tom and Charles were making fun of Matt, saying we should smell his breath because it’s so bad!” He jeers.

I glance at the culprits.  Denying it, eyes dashing, searching for an excuse to run to their mamas.

Well, now- this Mama bear is on the loose. I can’t stand bully behavior. Especially when it happens in the last transition of the day- especially when it happens while we are fully absorbed into a literary essay unit – in which every story addresses bullying and teasing.

I wish they’d made fun of MY stinky coffee breath. Not this new student, new to our school, our state, our country! Oh, give me patience and grace with this tomorrow!


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