Rumpus Room

In my house we have turned into the Ingalls family.

We have turned the upstairs “rumpus” room into our bedroom of this maddening  layout from 1953.

This room has a built in full size bed, plus a little dresser built into the wall.  The only built ins that I love are the big cozy bookshelves, bibliofile that I am.

Last January, 2014, my husband went on a long business trip to Asia. I spent the week in bed with the raging flu with both my kids. We stayed up in the rumpus room while we suffered together, missing Daddy. Even the dogs slept close by.

Since that trip, my children make the pilgrimage to what they call “the little bed”every single night.

We don’t even fight them anymore.

I have grown fond of knowing they are safe, nearby. I can hear them snore. Best of all I can watch them, together, sweet curly haired babies, innocently matching each other’s sleep poses- synchronized.  They are 3 and 5.

I won’t get away with this for much longer.  Living it up  like the Ingalls in our one room.


One thought on “Rumpus Room

  1. Whenever I question the nights that our kiddos migrate in with us, I always have to remind myself that there will be an end to it–the time when I get to watch them sleep and know they are safe and close is limited. Your rumpus room sounds really cool–I love the way you described it and showed how it’s woven into the fabric of your family.

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