Little Nests

there are signs of hope all around me

so I’m not fretting the rainy northwest – so much

today I took some deep breaths

noticed who is being placed in my path

and the empty nests up in the trees

little rentals awaiting new tenants

and the daffodil heads, ready to explode in bright yellows

my daughter is really reading now

my son is registered for kindergarten this fall

our home could sell as-is they say,

no need to spend the money on renovations!

change and hope are coming

ready or not, it will rain and shine on

im choosing to not fret

and take my Allegra.


5 thoughts on “Little Nests

  1. I love the image of those little nests awaiting occupants! My son starts kindergarten in the fall too. I love all the hope here! Welcome!

  2. I love that you sliced in a poem. I often do that too. Your word choice, “little rentals awaiting new tenants,” stayed with me as I imagined the empty nests. Love that you are present, in the moment and enjoying it.

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