Why were you placed in my path?

Do you ever wonder why there are people who are in your life-lane? They may be judgy, checking their watches when you’re running late, challenging your ideas at the staff meetings, giving you unsolicited parenting advice, looking at you “up and down” as you enter a room, clucking their tongues when they disagree, rolling their eyes when they feel superior. Some may say I have bullies in my life, I think rather, they are mirrors- asking me to change.

Sometimes they don’t quite reflect the mirror image of yourself that you want to see.  But they’re persistent, aren’t they?  As much as you try to stay one step ahead of them, they will always reign.  I’m trying to ask myself, “Why were you placed in my path?” and I’m noticing that what I’m lacking is compassion.  I don’t know what you’re like at home,  but I know that you can’t be perfect.  I can’t be perfect either.  What you mirror back to me is a lack of compassion.  You see, you may be in my path as a challenge, but all that you reflect is not even close to the negative voices I have in my head.

In contrast, I’m also noticing the positive people who are in my daily path.  The older guy at the Starbucks drive thru.  He’s always chipper.  Yesterday he said, “Hey I’m off in 10 minutes (8am), want to ditch first period together?  Meet you behind the gym?”  It popped me out of my morning bubble.


2 thoughts on “Why were you placed in my path?

  1. That is a new way to look at those people in your path, a mirror. So if they are reflecting little compassion do we need to respond with more of it? Jim Knight says to have powerful conversations we need empathy. I struggle with this when I can feel the negativity. But if I cannot empathize with their negativity can I truly engage in a powerful conversation to move past it? Thanks for the post! (I love the starbucks guy!)

  2. Sometimes the headspace we overfill is – our own. Maybe the old guy at Starbucks was placed in your path for no other reason than to break you out of the spell.

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