My son and I planted daffodil bulbs on a freezing cold day this last fall.  Our faces were pelted by icy rain, the dirt was hard with a partially frozen crust.  We dug up old weeds and stubborn sticker bushes, trying their best to take over.  I would dig the holes and he would drop the little onion-like bulbs into the ground and tuck them into bed for a few months.

Our little efforts are paying off.  We had our first flowers pop this week.  It’s amazing and very satisfying to see the cause and effect with my four year old. Gus says “The daffodils bloomed with the rain. The rain helps flowers grow.  And we have tulips and we have daffodils that are growing, them are blooming.  BLOOM!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Bloom!

  1. I was going to write a similar slice! My husband and I just bought our house and we planted a TON of bulbs in the fall- it was my first time planting bulbs. Like you, we are seeing for first green spring up from the dirt. So much excitement to come!

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