spring sale

Today I’m writing some truth to reveal to myself what might be really going on inside myself, as Don Murray  wisely suggests in the quote of the day (above).

Last night I stayed at school until after 5pm.  There was no reason to be so late, I was just keeping myself busy.  We are starting fantasy book clubs in my 5th grade class next week, so I put all my energy into making book pairs from my library, the school library, and the public library.

On the way home, driving in the dark stormy rain, I kept on driving past my neighborhood, south to the nearest Goodwill.  I texted my husband, hoping he could feed the kids and the dogs so I wouldn’t have to.  I turned off the radio to listen to the quiet and the squeaky windshield wiper blades on my windshield.

From there, I went to Barnes and Noble– met with Melissa, the manager of the children’s section, and I picked her brain until her shift was ended, to get a sense of what good fantasy books are out there that my students haven’t yet read.

I rolled home around 8pm.  A good three hours later than usual. I felt a little guilty.  The kids were in their jammies, ready for a story from mom.  I believe I’m avoiding something or someone…





4 thoughts on “Revealed

  1. Wow, you really leave your reader wondering what that avoidance might be? I can’t help but think that fantasy has something to do with it, as you dive into the genre.

  2. Love the cliffhanger! I think sometimes we all need days like that–where we immerse ourselves in something, even if it means overlooking other things. But you were home for the bedtime story and all was well, so you deserved that you time!

  3. Oh the last sentence was a cliffhanger! I did get the sense that you were avoiding through the tone you developed. I wish you the best! Hopefully you confront those issues you’re avoiding.

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