I see you in a different light now…

imageJust returned home after a 4/5 westward expansion performance/ unit celebration at school tonight.

The students acted as their characters from their “Oregon Trail” social studies adventure on stage.  It was a full house of parents waiting patiently for their child to say his/ her piece.

One student, who is usually in the clouds in my classroom, surprised me with his strong voice bellowing on and his foot stomping the stage, ” This trail has been HORRIBLE! !” Totally out of the blue – he shined tonight. His monologue was funny, insightful, and heartfelt with good timing.

I see him in a different light now and that is a real blessing.

I love these surprise moments when 9-11 year olds rise over the top or you witness them on the ball field making a double play! This unexpected sunshine helps me appreciate them as the growing thriving kids they are.  Reminds me to catch more of their performances outside of the classroom, before they leave for middle school!


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