Once a week, I make a bold, rebellious move.

I leave campus for a  break during my “duty free” lunch.

I escape to Taco Time drive thru or Starbucks drive thru so I can be served with a smile and a cheery greeting.  For just 10 minutes I can feel like a respected grown-up, one of those professionals who doesn’t have to wait to get a coffee or “hold it” when they have to pee. A professional who can check her email anytime she wants, read the news,  or even make a phone call.

Sure I have warning signs buzzing in my head.  What if I get a flat tire, or Heaven forbid, I get rear ended during my little jaunt outside the building?

For a weekly break, it’s worth every worry though.  I hope I never have to give it up.




One thought on “escape

  1. Three of us walked to a nearby Starbucks this week. The ever present worry in the back of my mind was, “What if there’s a fire drill?” Good to enjoy the jaunt even if there are warning signs.

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