Last day of cookies

imageI feel even  closer to you since our very first sale!

The way you whisper to your customers

and suck in your lower lip as you try to be patient

determined to keep the rainbow of cookie boxes stocked

and stacked

just right.

Im so proud of you,

my little lamb !

And  a bit sad the ruckus

the newness

is all over.


10 thoughts on “Last day of cookies

  1. First, the owl at the top of your page is GORGEOUS. Love it.

    Next–your little lamb is pretty darn adorable too! I’m of an age where I actually sold my Camp Fire candy door to door. I’m glad she’s having that experience with you at her side.

  2. Life is fleeting–just while you’re enjoying a moment, it ends and a new one begins. One of my favorite things about writing is that it captures these moments–like this one with your child–suspends them in amber so you can enjoy their shining splendor or sweet melancholy well into the future.

  3. I hope she enjoyed the sale. For me, I had to sell door-to-door and just went to neighbors – so out of my comfort zone because of being an introvert. Hopefully she sold lots and lots of those delicious cookies!

  4. This poem was better than actually eating a box of the cookies! My favorite line: “and suck in your lower lip as you try to be patient.” It’s fun to watch kids…thanks for a glimpse into this moment.

  5. I hope she had a successful day. Those sales a great confidence builder! I sold cookies door-to-door and so did my girls, but they also wo-manned the table outside our local grocery store. Great memories!

  6. I love that the girls learn so much about salesmanship and pride in accomplishment. I also love the thin mints. I missed the Girl Scout cookies this year somehow though.

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