My purse spilled for you

What’s in her bag? (This is mocking the popular celebrity article in US Weekly ):

  1.  Crumbs from a lime frosted St. Patrick’s day cookie I smuggled out of the staff room last week.

2. my prized new Burts Bees lip conditioner- purchased on sale at Staples (of all places!)

3. my iPhone that won’t hold a charge and says I have no storage when I really should have plenty.

4. my green Fossil wallet- badly worn and in need of replacement, my husband bought it for me 4 Christmases ago

5. my Olay concealer – it’s a little too orange on my fair complexion and the top falls off so there are smudges of this stuff all inside my purse and on the upholstery of my car.

6. Loose change… Always- usually pennies hiding under a layer of grit and old crumbs

7. SafewayMonopoly tickets – my boss collects them so she can win a 5000$ shopping spree and donate it all to our neighborhood food bank.

8. Starbucks receipts – I’ve upped my caffeine intake since daylight savings kicked my tired ass!

9. Tweezers – work best in my car mirror on those crazy middle aged brows gone wild!

10. An odd souvenir plastic Space Needle from the 1962 World’s Fair. I purchased this for a quarter at an estate sale on Saturday evening!

What does this say about me?

Overworked/ over tired/ overweight / generous/ dehydrated/ hopeful/nostalgic/ conscientious …


such a celebrity!



One thought on “My purse spilled for you

  1. The purse you’re describing sounds like mine, except mine also contains a sewing kit and a half-eaten bag of trail mix. I love the specific details that you included. Not just change, but pennies hiding under a layer of crumbs. What a fun slice!

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