Science Fiction Ideas

I’m going to borrow from a fellow blogger tonight and write some science fiction story ideas:

  1. Character goes to check in on her flight, but there is no record of her, gets her ID and there is none in her wallet.  Cell phone is blank too… She looks down, and her shoes are gone.
  2. Character finds that she is being followed and watched by animals, specifically sea animals like otters, fish, and whales.
  3. Dystopian story of a society built in a National Park Preserve in Alaska, like Denali.  There is no technology and limited communications– and it’s harsh in the interior of frozen tundra and predators.
  4. A character who can see people as colors.  The colors are a warning system about their mental stability.
  5. A dystopia where people have zero privacy as our electronics  have fully taken over.  Characters are in search of life on the remote sea, as land forms have no anonymity and are under constant surveillance by government.  No satellites though anymore due to radiation concerns.




One thought on “Science Fiction Ideas

  1. # 1 and #3 are the most immediately interesting to me. #4 could be folded into any of them, really. So cool that your mind comes up with book ideas!

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