The walk

I begrudgingly got my butt off the couch to go on a walk tonight

My son was leaping about with excitement:

“Mom, I’m gonna take you to a magical gahden of flowers – you will neva believe it, it’s so so beautiful. Cmon!”  ( he has a Boston accent as a west coast native and he’s 4)

He rode his cool Bmx bike up the hill while his sister clanged up behind him on her scooter, I walked one dog, my husband the other.  Every once in awhile the kids would race, then show off their budding brake skills.

The light was nice , the weather brisk– early spring but maybe too cold for the tulips yet.

We stopped to look at my son’s favorite “gahden” . It looked like a regular old yard with planters full of weeds and frozen dirt.

“It’s even more beautifuller in the morning, ” he insisted.

My husband and I looked at each other quizzically –and smirked,then  he gave me a little kiss.

“Oh no, they’re kissing!” Squealed my daughter.

Then my son dropped his bike on the sidewalk, and ran full speed towards us with open arms, and gave us both a big hug,

” Family hug!”  He shouted.

And there, on the corner of Henderson & 32nd ave, we embraced as a family.




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