Field trips- bah humbug!

I used to love them when I was in my 20’s

but now that I’m in my 40’s I must admit that I dread field trips.

I’m a total party pooper, the wet noodle, “veteran teacher”

I can’t believe it, really, but at some moment recently, I decided that I’d had enough of :

the expensive school buses to arrange,

the chaperones to coordinate- who did ridiculous stuff, like take “their group” of 3rd graders to get cotton candy and ride bumper cars instead of stay at the science center with the other classes…

the children who  might bolt the trip or jump into the lake nearby

It’s just not really worth it, anymore. The legal paperwork and auditing fear alone is enough to stop any teacher in her tracks

so I was secretly pleased to learn today that our trip Thurs. to the state capital was cancelled because we had no busses.

Dont judge me too harshly, but field trips are tougher and so are the stakes.



2 thoughts on “Field trips- bah humbug!

  1. For us, it is the long and ever-lengthening requirements of the district health officials for field trips — we have to calculate range to nearest hospital, maintain cell phone coverage at all times, etc. I understand the rationale, of course, but it seems to us that it is designed to weed out field trips – including one we used to do but cannot do any longer in which we took our students rafting each fall.

  2. I feel your pain. In this litigious society of ours, nothing is simple anymore. I used to take students to see a play in NYC every fall. Back in the “olden days” we could make a day of it; Staten Island Ferry, walk up Columbus Blvd. to Lincoln Center, have lunch, see the play, dinner, and then home. But that devolved into riding the bus directly to the theater and then going home. Even that got to be complicated. I don’t think anyone has taken a group to the city since I retired, and I can’t say that I blame them.I surely don’t judge you.

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