Bragging to the tweens

Today I actually bragged to my class of 5th grade readers.

Someone was being a smarty pants/ sassafras  and asked, “Ms.G, how do you know so much about this part in the story?  You must’ve read ahead!”

I denied it, because for this read aloud, I truly hadn’t planned it day by day. (Sorry right now to my TC staff developers who might be cringing right now.)  We were at a place in the fantasy story where there is so much symbolism and figurative language, that I felt obligated to pause there and discuss it.

“No, I really haven’t read this before today,” I admitted.  “But, I am a reader and a writer.  I write everyday and I read everyday, and I went to college and studied literature.  So I know that this writer put this part with the ants in the soda syrup in here as a message to me, a signpost to all of us readers, that there is something sinister and not quite right about the setting.”

Then I explained about my Slicing this month.  Really, I am so proud to have completed the challenge as compared to last year where I missed a couple of weeks. The children were impressed.  I heard audible murmurs of admiration and questions.

Of course they asked me for my blog site.  But this month was just for me…just for you.  I’m gonna keep it a secret for now. Congrats, comrades for making it to the finish line.

My heart is full.


4 thoughts on “Bragging to the tweens

  1. Good job! I missed one or two days last year because I was traveling in Europe, but I wrote every day in March. I shared a few of my posts w/ my AP students, the ones about books and their relevance to contemporary issues. It’s important that kids see teachers as writers and readers.

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